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Yanhee International Hospital (YAHN-hee) is a multi-service general hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, that specializes in a range of medical and cosmetic services.

Yanhee comprises a 15-story hospital building with a 400-bed capacity, 150 full-time doctors, 120 part-time health professionals, and 800 nurses.

Additionally, Yanhee operates 95 outpatient examination rooms, 12 major and 30 minor operating rooms, an 18-bed Intensive Care Unit, emergency rooms, delivery rooms, a diagnostic laboratory and a nursery.

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Location: Bangkok
Closest Airport: Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
Distance from airport to hospital: 40 km and about 31 minutes without traffic

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Dr. Somsak Chuleewattanapong
Dr. Somboon Thammarungrong
Dr. Visnu Lohsiriwat
Dr. Sukit Warathamrong
Dr. Pitch Paiboonkasemsutthi
Dr. Sanit Pongkapanakai
Dr. Vitawat Angkatavanich
Dr. Wichian Wongworngsri


Beauty Med really saved me time and effort. I enjoyed my trip to Thailand because it was a lot easier than I thought. Beauty Med Thailand was exactly what I've been looking for....

Chris White (age 29)

Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

The service was excellent. I would gladly pay over $2700 for my implants if it is done by the most experienced doctor in Thailand. I can recommend to everybody looking for implants.

Mrs. Robinson (age 32)

Breast Implants

The results of the facelift surgery was exactly what you said it would be. Best investment I've made this year. Great results. I am really satisfied with my facelift.

Edward Wood (age 49)


At Yanhee International Hospital, we believe that everyone can become more beautiful, regain their self-esteem, and flaunt their confidence. Our highly trained professionals are willing to advise and cater towards a wide array of an individual’s personal needs whether it is to combat congenital defects, alter various defects, or simply enhance one’s beauty.

Yanhee International Hospital is widely renowned worldwide as the leader in the field of cosmetic surgery with 120 medical experts on board.

Our Services Are Comprised Within the Following Centers:

Weight Loss Center

Our Weight Loss Center consists of eight highly trained specialists to whom you could address your medical problems.We work towards providing you with an effective weight control therapy based on your daily lifestyle needs. Our various methods include, traditional Chinese herbs/medicine, Western medicine, and Thai preparations. It is our job to ensure the effectiveness of the various methods in order to help one reach their goal with as minimal side effects as possible.

Plastic surgery Center

Our world renowned Plastic Surgery Center is comprised of 12 highly experienced medical professionals who are certified members of the The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand.

Skin Center

Our Skin Center consists of eight full-time dermatologists who are trained to perform on the latest innovative devices available in the skin care industry. Provided below is a complete range of  our services:

CO2 Laser :Skin warts, skin hanging objects, moles, sunburn, blackheads, skin proliferation lesions
ND Yag Laser :Removal of tattoos, herpes, scars
Aramis Laser :Wrinkles, depressed scars, deep forehead wrinkles and nose
Cool glide  Laser :Hair Removal: underarm hair
Cellulite IP Shaping :Solid and amorphous body repair
Elimination of body fat, cellulite and local groups
Phono – Iontophoresis:Facial whitening and skin defects
MD Plus dermabrasion :Herpes scar reduction
AHA :Freckle treatment
V-Beam :Elimination of herpes scar
Aurora :Reduction of facial wrinkles, smooth facial skin whitening

Obstetrics and Gynecology Center

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Center at Yanhee International Hospital consists of four medical professionals with an expertise in the fields of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the human genitalia, as well as reproductive medicine. Our services also include diagnosis and treatments of common gynecological diseases.

Varicose veins center

At the Varicose veins center, we evaluate patients based on the severity of their case in order to provide the appropriate medical treatment. Our methods include surgeries, lasers, sclerotherapy, and Radiofrequency Ablation of Varicose Veins (VENUS).

ENT and diacritical center

Our ENT and diacritical center deals with problems of the ear, nose, and throat with an emphasis on providing treatments for patients suffering from excessive snoring and sleep apnea. We are highly specialized to perform Laryngoplasty, which is a voice change surgery targeted towards transgendered patients in order to help them receive the voice of their choice.

Hair center

The Hair center at Yanhee aims to provide an answer for those suffering from thinning and balding. We are globally renowned as specialists in the field of hair transplant surgeries as we custom design your hair loss treatment therapies in coordination with your daily lifestyle and budget.

Cosmetic Tattoo Center

The Cosmetic Tattoo Center at Yanhee International Hospital provides permanent tattoo services for both medical and beauty purposes. Our services are often sought after to conceal scars, skin discoloration, or etc. Our services are provided and supervised strictly by specialists with utmost care.

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