Jungceylon Clinic

Location: Phuket
Closest Airport: Phuket International Airport (HKT)
Distance from airport to hospital: 30.2 km and about 39 minutes without traffic

Jungceylon Clinic is a dedicated cosmetic surgery facility based in the relaxed, tropical setting of beautiful Phuket.

The area offers stunning beaches and relaxing scenery as well as access to some of the top hotels in Phuket and dining at top class restaurants to incorporate a vacation feel in to your recuperation.

The clinic focuses on treating each patient individually and offering services that meet their specific needs.

Surgery available includes breast augmentation, reduction or enlargements, lifts for face, eyes, neck, thighs, brows and arms, nose reconstruction, augmentation or reduction including corrections for a deviated septum, prominent ear surgery, liposuction, hair transplants, tummy tucks and male breast reduction. Non-surgical procedures include Botox treatments, collagen and fat filling, dermal filling and facial implants.



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These are the closest and best hotels near to the hospital.

Quip Bed & Breakfast Phuket Hotel

Phumundra Resort

O’nya Phuket Hotel


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Dr. Piyapas Pichaichanarong

Plastic Surgery

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