Chin Implants

Mentum Augmentation

Chin augmentation is purely cosmetic surgical procedure that aims at improving the balance of your facial profile. It particularly corrects your chin by increasing its size to be in line with your other facial features. The procedure can be undertaken to strengthen, widen or lengthen your chin.

Depending on size and shape of implant, an incision is made along your jaw line, under your chin or inside your mouth. It is through the incision that a chin implant is inserted through and positioned. When no other procedure is involved, a chin augmentation surgery takes a maximum of one hour.

During consultation you are obligated to inform a surgeon of your lifestyle and any medications/vitamins/supplements you may be using as such can affect your treatment and also prolong your recovery.

Maintaining proper hygiene and sticking to appropriate diet usually enhances recovery. You need at least two weeks to recover fully.

Some of the common side effects you may experience include numbness in your chin and tightness on the skin around the chin. These are mild and do fade away after a few days.

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Nights in Hospital: 0
Duration of operation is about 1-2 hours and you need to stay in Thailand for at least 7 days.

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